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About IACS

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The International Association for Chemical Safety™ (IACS) is an organisation created to promote innovation and best practice for safety and health in the use of chemicals. It was founded by Dale Allen, Award Winning Author of The Books on Safety™ and founder of The Knights of Safety™.  


Through IACS, we are identifying key people in the safety industry who will become pioneers in the TKOS™ mission to help protect the world from chemical negligence and bring safety into the homes of everyone on our planet. Here are some of the critical objectives I am working towards: 


  • Knowledge Exchange through CPD seminars, implementation workshops, and consultation to provide expert advice to the
    Health and Safety Executive, OSHA, and other organisations involved in chemical safety 

  • Liaison with external partners to develop professional development programme focused on implementing best practices,
    build leadership roles, and produce safety guidance documents 

  • Award International recognition for achievement and innovation in the field of safety 

  • Provide a flagship safety programme 



The Knights of Safety™ is the home for today's safety heroes – an association of empowered visionaries, advocates, and professionals from diverse sectors who have pledged to guide others in their quests to safety. Developing courses on The Knights of Safety Academy™ creates free online training courses with lessons on home safety, occupational safety, chemical safety, COVID, mental health, and more. Our very own Knights of Safety share their skills, knowledge, and experience with hundreds of thousands of students.


TKOS™ is on a quest to build a unified assembly of associations for safety that aim to share information, valuable tools, and create a network of resources readily available to anyone in need and promoting a better safety culture worldwide.


Contact us

If you’re interested in joining our mission or have some ideas you’d like to share, send us a message through the form.  You can also send an email to

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