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IACS Accredited Instant Chemical Risk Assessment Service 
Posted July 19, 2021

Simplifying the process to maintaining compliance and safety on the use of hazardous substances, The Instant Chemical Risk Assessment Service™ creates the documentation you need to determine hazards, assess the risk, and implement critical safety controls. Your team will simply need to select the products you use from our managed library of SDS and the system instantly generates the chemical risk assessments you need. The Instant Chemical Risk Assessment Service™ is recognized as an innovative service that works alongside The International Safety Data Sheet Service™ to give you an easier, more accessible, and fully compliant chemical risk management process.  

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The One Billion People Protected Campaign™  
Posted July 19, 2022

Bringing together the collective mission of The Knights of Safety™, Dale Allen has found his core advocacy – to protect people. The One Billion People Protected Campaign™ is The First Knight of Safety’s leading advocacy, one we aim to achieve through the collective powers of our Knights and with the support of those who are also concerned for the safety of their business, their team, and their families; people who also want to make a difference, who want to make safety accessible, and who want to protect the people around them. 

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Monitoring Chemical Manufacturers and Suppliers and their Compliance to SDS Distribution  
Posted March 27, 2022

The initial phases of the development of SDScore™ are underway as we have begun to put chemical manufacturers and other SDS suppliers in the spotlight, facing their responsibility in the distribution of their products’ SDS and SDS updates to maintain consistent and updated chemical risk assessments. While each business is tasked to maintain their own risk assessments, chemical manufacturers are rewired to provide the SDS that people need – at no additional cost. Through SDScore™, we seek to identify those that fall short of our minimum SDS provision quality standards and to help them to achieve a safer standard by providing free supportive tools and advice. Our focus is for the downstream user and their safety, not meeting the demands of SDS supply regulations.

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The First Knight of Safety, Dale Allen, Website is live
Posted March 18, 2021

Launching his main platform, Dale Allen seeks to connect and build relationships with those in the safety industry, using his own experiences to educate and influence others to follow in his steps to safety and compliance. Learn more about the founder of The Knights of Safety™ and The International Association for Chemical Safety™ – and watch out for the latest updates on the TKOS #safetyverse.

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COVID-19 Course Bundles on TKOS™ Academy
Posted December 5, 2020

In line with the COVID-19 pandemic, the The Knights of Safety™ Academy has developed a 3-course bundle covering COVID-19 and its impact on chemical safety practices, businesses, and society. These courses aim to educate and promote safer protocols that will help contain the disease outbreak and prevent further spread in the workplace.  

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Free Training on TKOS™ Academy now available!
Posted July 7, 2019

Online training courses are now available on The Knights of Safety™ Academy with over 25 safety training courses focused on chemical safety and COSHH compliance. These online courses were developed in accordance to the latest chemical safety regulations, incorporating industry best practices to keep on top of your team’s chemical risk management. Key courses cover awareness and the basics of chemical safety, hazardous substances, COSHH Risk Assessor Certification, COSHH Risk Manager Training, and courses on occupational safety training. 

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IACS to Launch The International Safety Data Sheet Service™
Posted July 20, 2017

Work has already begun to implement the first phase of The Chemical Safety Initiative™, with over 1,400 manufacturers and distributors of substances that are supplying their safety data sheets to help to develop the worlds first and free single source supply of all safety data sheets to downstream users, The International Safety Data Sheet Service™. This is the beginning of Dale's plan to remove the financial barrier that restricts the safety of people and impacts the safety reputation of businesses that use chemicals.

Elite Speaker Training in Thailand
Posted December 22, 2015


As part of Dale's continuous professional development towards promoting chemical safety, he completed his elite speaker training in Thailand. Dale said the experience was incredible, it is a beautiful country and he met with some inspirational people who were also on the same training course with Andy Harrington.


National Chemical Safety Week™ 2016

Posted September 17, 2015


It's time to act to save those that are at risk of injury. This year will see the launch of National Chemical Safety Week™, the first of it's kind. Currently in the planning and development stage. Our focus will be dedicated to reducing the number of children poisoned by hazardous chemicals in their own homes.


Currently the figure stands at 68 children every day being victim to the habits of their unknowing parents, in their own homes. These are only the cases that are severe enough to require hospital treatment. This has to stop and IACS™ are acting now to save our children in 2016 by educating parents to change their old habits.

Panama Business Retreat

Posted May 19, 2015


Sometimes it helps to relax and unwind to help focus the mind. Dale travelled to Panama to meet with a network of entrepreneurs to learn how his beliefs and how he choose to apply his thoughts, will ultimately govern his results. This retreat was crucial in his quest for a safer world.


In Panama, Dale made new discoveries about international safety, how he can now use his mind to better improve results, and how to feed crocodiles in Panama canal. What an adventure he had from which he is sharing his discoveries with all that he knows, who want to listen.

USHA's Spring Conference 2015

Posted April 23, 2015


Dale presented at the USHA Conference 2015 and introduced 40 universities to chemical safety compliance software. The Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA) is an organisation for the promotion of safety and health in higher education.


Dale was asked to attend by USHA inaugural sponsors Sevron to present The Book on Chemical Safety and to introduce chemical risk assessment software.


The event was lots of fun!

Dale's Book Launch in Toronto

Posted April 11, 2015


Dale travelled to Toronto, Canada for the launch of his new book, The Book on Chemical Safety and to introduce his new 'The Books on Safety' publication. Dale has vowed to put into print the best knowledge from around the world to focus on niches of safety with his own unique twist.


His book launch was an astounding success with around 450 people present with star appearances by renouned success coaches Jack Canfield and Laurel Langmeier. Dale can be seen on the right with his publisher Raymond Aaron (left) and Jack Canfield (right).

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