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​The New International Chemical Safety Training Standard

In a recent survey, I discovered that around 90% of businesses are falling short in their duty of care to adequately safeguard their workforce and therefore, protect their own jobs, according to chemical safety regulatory requirements.

The NICSTS aims to improve the standard of chemical safety training worldwide by correcting imbalances between regional safety regulations and the lack of support provided by their regulatory authorities.

This training standard uses the UK COSHH regulations as the basis for the development of a robust and best practice international chemical safety accreditation.

When I recently surveyed 6,000 UK businesses with a set of relatively simple chemical safety (COSHH) compliance questions, I discovered that 22.5% openly admitted to doing something that was ultimately and blatantly breaking the law, but they didn't know.

You can read about one of my findings here:

UK companies are breaking the law using Safety Data Sheets as COSHH assessments

Considering the penalty for non-compliance can lead to imprisonment, this isn't a good statistic. In fact, I found that over 90% of businesses were making at least one of a set of five simple chemical safety mistakes I surveyed.

Also, here's a link to my big chemical safety mistakes article:

The Side-Effects of Making the 5 Big Chemical Safety Mistakes

If you are using Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS) in any way, then you need to be competent in chemical safety. It is a legal requirement for you to protect your workforce from the hazardous substances you ask them to use.

The NICSTS is a free online training  accreditation in chemical safety that will teach you:

  • How to identify, reduce or remove chemical risks in your workplace

  • How to create a compliant task based chemical risk assessment (COSHH)

  • How to protect your workforce and livelihood

  • How to have a stress-free and guilt-free chemical safety experience

The New International Chemical Safety Training Standard is available our academy.

I look forward to helping you protect those in your care from preventable accidents.




Dale Allen

​Award Winning Author of The Books on Safety™

Founding Chairman of The International Association for Chemical Safety™

Pioneer of National Chemical Safety Week™

Founder of The Knights of Safety

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Chemical Safety Training

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