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​What does The Knights of Safety do?

Dear friend,

I am proud to inform you that I have established TKOS to implement an innovative and life-saving campaign that will protect you, your family and our people.

Think of TKOS as an engagement campaign to rebrand safety to include the safety of our planet and your future, not just your workplace. I have designed a range of solutions that take health and safety from its roots in industry and adapt it to the lives of you and your loved ones, in your own home. This strategy will help to raise the profile of the safety professional and at the same time, improve safety in your home and how you operate at work. Now expand your awareness to each employee in your business, each business in your country and each country on our planet. By providing significant and life-saving value, TKOS will be capable of channelling support to develop further safety related solutions that will continue to improve quality of life for your future.


These are a few of the many benefits that TKOS is working towards:


  • Increasing basic and mandatory safety knowledge in your home

  • Reducing the rate of injuries to your children in your own home

  • Reducing absenteeism and presenteeism at your work

  • Improving your health and wellbeing

  • Improving and simplifying your safety obligations in work

  • Increasing the safety education of you and your children

  • Helping families to recover who are victims of industrial incidents

  • Establishing heath and safety professionals as 'heroes' in the public eye

  • Developing technology that will provide you with clean air, water and food


To help facilitate the implementation of the above benefits, I have developed a programme called The Safer Chemical Initiative (SCI). My programme has a simple strategy to help your business implement safety change that will both engage with your existing employee's and their families whilst improving your wellbeing. Here are the products of The Safer Chemical Initiative™ and a brief introduction into what they deliver:



The Books on Safety™


An award winning series of safety books that centres around practical safety in your everyday life. These books establish a risk focused look at areas in your life, using national statistics in the United Kingdom and the anaylsis of the corresponding incidents and accidents that take place, in order to provide simple solutions. These books include task based risk assessments which are provided so that injury can be avoided and new best practices or habits established to improve quality of life at home and work. They are very much focused in the "real world", they are practical and informative.


Current and up and coming titles include:


The Book on Chemical Safety™

The Book on Office Safety™

The Book on Home Safety™

The Book on Travel Safety™




The K.N.I.G.H.T.S. of Safety™


For non-safety professionals:


The Knights of Safety™ (TKoS) is a membership community for non-safety professionals that deliver safety in their job on a daily basis. As a TKoS member you will be recognised for the excellent standard of safety you deliver in whatever industry you work within. Membership benefits are excellent and provide incredible tools to improve and secure your safety compliance whilst allowing you to benefit from a substantial network of like-minded professionals in your industry. TKoS membership will help you to:


  • Improve your knowledge of safety compliance

  • Increase your client's confidence in you

  • Increase your health and wealth

  • Gain reward and recognition for your achievements in safety

  • Improve your status in your industry


For safety professionals:


If you are a safety professional that feels a devotion to your people, that seeks to protect them from harm and is committed to being the best you can be, then The Knights of Safety™ is for you. Entry to this exclusive fellowship is by invite only and your initiation requires that your values match that of our fellowship. As a fellow you will be recognised for your unique gifts within your specialist field and as you climb the ranks of our followship towards being recognised as a true Knight of Safety™, you will be opened up to a world of opportunities, with the support of your fellowship. Along with your followship you will be responsible for helping to implement innovation across the world and you will be part of something that makes a measurable and significant difference. One such mission that you will be working towards is our mission in Bhopal. You will be getting out of bed every morning knowing that you are part of a genuine project that is saving lives and which will have a greater impact in humanitarian projects and the future survival of our species. Take our values test to see if you have what it takes to be a true Knight of Safety™.


The Knights of Safety Band™


The focus of my TKoS band is to promote safety through music and raise awareness of real world hazards, to save and protect lives. Each song is dedicated to a unique micro-industry and to protect the professionals who work within it and the people they serve.


National Chemical Safety Week™


As part of our groundbreaking P.R. phenomenon to promote safety awareness and create safety engagement at a social level, The National Safety Weeks™ has created National Chemical Safety Week™ to:


  • Increase the safe usage of chemicals

  • Improve awareness of safer chemical alternatives

  • Reduce incidents in the work and home due to chemicals

  • Raise money for our charitable causes

  • Increase the adoption of TKoS by industry professionals


The Knights of Safety C.P.D. Seminar™


My free online video resource of educational material dedicated to your chemical safety. This information is paramount for you as a professional who works with chemicals in improving your knowledge of best working practice to keep up-to-speed with innovation and to make tasks you carry out at work, much safer.


The Knights of Safety Implementation Workshop™


My paid for subscription service that takes the information within TKoS C.P.D. Seminar and teaches you how to apply it within your work. The way in which you implement my strategies within your work is key to your successful outcome. Some like to do it their own way whilst I prefer to do it the way that's been tried and tested and works first time when it comes to my own safety and the others within my care.


The International Knights of Safety Awards™


Whenever you do something exceptional and inspiring, there has to be a way to recognise your behaviour, to reward you and to spread the knowledge of what you have achieved. The International Knights of Safety Awards™ is your yearly round up of all the wonderful achievements our members have achieved and an opportunity for you to network and knowledge share. This is a gala dinner that celebrates the achievements of both non-safety and safety professionals across all industries. It is by personal invite only.





Dale Allen

​Award Winning Author of The Books on Safety™

Founding Chairman of The International Association for Chemical Safety™

Pioneer of National Chemical Safety Week™

Founder of The Knights of Safety

The Books on Safety
The Knights of Safety logo
Dale Allen's signature

My Strategy

Step 1: I author a book for a particular subject of significance.

The Books on Safety

Step 2: I deliver CPD seminars to inform the industry about my agenda.

Seminars for chemical safety

Step 3: I run implementation workshops to improve and manage delivery within each business.

Ongoing workshops

Step 4: I provide tools, systems and training services were necessary to facilitate implementation.

Hands-on systems training

Step 5: I audit and certify those businesses that have achieved compliance.

Certification and business compliance

Step 6: I recognise and reward high achievers by raising awareness of their achievements in the industry at a special annual ceremony.

Gathering, dinner, and events

Step 7: Each year I run a national charity event to raise money for our Bhopal food technology project.

National charity event

Step 8: Together with our partner organisations, I am developing sustainable food technology facilities.

Sustainable food technology facilities
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