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Can Cloud-Based Software Improve Your Chemical Safety Management?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

You and I know that ensuring your people are safe from exposure to chemicals can be tedious and time-consuming.

There are regulations in place - a lot of them - and meeting their standards can be a huge undertaking, especially when dealing with hazardous substances.

Actually understanding the regulations and being able to show that you do by proving your company is fully compliant is difficult when there is so much information to take in.

There are several pages worth of data for each and every dangerous chemical and between those and all of the training and other paperwork required there is an enormous amount of information to document and store.

Literally rooms full of information printed onto paper.

Thankfully, you can now use software to document and search out what you need

Using the right software for your business and the regulations you need to meet will eliminate all of the difficulties you ever had with paper-based information.

Using software will allow you and your team to immediately, from anywhere with access to the cloud, find the information you need, communicate easily and react.

Not only does software make it easier to manage all of this information but it's also a sure-fire way of keeping the regulations people happy - since all of the information you need to prove your compliance is right there in the cloud.


My Risk Assessment Management software is a simple online solution that creates easy to understand Task and PUWER risk assessments that you can store online, print out or easily send to your colleagues.

While my COSHH Risk Assessment Management software will systematically search my safety data sheet database - which is the largest in the U.K. - for the substance information you need and then automatically transfer it to your Risk Assessments.

And my Safety Data Sheet management software will provide you with automatic notification updates, the ability to request any SDS you are struggling to obtain and access to my SDS database.

Or when there has been an incident, my Incident Management Solution will soon allow you and your team to record, track and report all types of incidents, accidents, near misses, dangerous occurrences and more – all in one place!

Software is able to simplify everything about chemical safety management, ensuring you and your team can quickly and easily create, analyse or share the right information as soon as it is needed.

And when all of that information is stored digitally, in our cloud, you can easily prove that you and your team are fully compliant with regulations.

Or, if you would like to learn everything you need to know about ensuring your compliance click the button below to take the COSHH Risk Assessor Certification™. It's online and it's completely free!

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