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Cloud-Based Software Solutions Streamline your Safety Management

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Getting safety right and ensuring your people are safe from exposure to hazardous materials is a time-consuming and repetitive task.

There are regulations to follow, of course. Lot's of them. But, they're usually difficult to read, let alone understand and meeting them is a huge undertaking that saps time and manpower from other work.

Each and every hazardous substance - or at least, those we know about - has safety data recorded about it. Usually several pages worth of data. On top of this and being trained to understand and abide by the regulations, it's an incredible amount of information to absorb and then correctly document and store it.

With the right software solutions, your business can easily meet the regulations and produce up-to-date and compliant documents. All of the information you need is stored online, in cloud storage, allowing you to quickly find the information you need and easily communicate relevant data to your employees.

You're also sure to keep the inspectors happy, as all of your safety and task data is tracked right there in the cloud. They can see that you're following guidelines, communicating the right information, and keeping people safe.

The right software for you

There are myriad software tools for easing the burden of safety management, some simple and others as complex as the regulations themselves.

For example, Sevron's COSHH management software, COSHH365, will ensure your compliance with the COSHH regulations by providing you with up-to-date, accurate chemical risk assessments.

Our AI will ensure each assessment comes with the relevant information from the safety data sheets of all substances involved, allowing you to conduct a thorough risk assessment with all the right information.

Those safety data sheets are accessible through our cloud-based safety data sheet repository of over 250, 000 SDS, the largest in the UK. It is regularly reviewed and updated by our MSDS365 management team so you never need to worry about inaccurate safety data.

Sevron Software Solutions will simplify everything about your chemical safety management, ensuring you and your team are able to easily and quickly access or create the documents you need and share the right information as soon as it's needed.

And when all of that data is tracked digitally, in their cloud, you can rest assured that you're able to show anyone that your business is fully compliant with regulations.

Click here to learn more about Sevron can make chemical safety management easier for you!

This article was originally posted on Sevron's LinkedIn business page.

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