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Safety Lapses Cost Lives and Maybe Your Business

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Let me be clear right from the beginning here. I'm not just talking about you or your safety people cutting corners to save money and time.

I'm also including those little things your employees may do. You know. Those tiny things that they think will make their work easier, but in fact, are often what lead to some of the messiest incidents that can happen in your workplace.

Because they add up. And when the same person is cutting the same corner every day, it's going to take very little time for that corner to wear down to dust.

Even, or especially, if you don't notice it.

And then they're leaping directly from gap to gap, putting not only their own lives in danger but those of their colleagues, and your business.

Now imagine you have 10 of your people cutting corners, daily, on 10 separate workbenches. That's at least 10 safety lapses every day.

However, when you consider that any person who is willing to cut one corner when it comes to health and safety, is usually willing to cut others. That's a sickening number of potentially disastrous incidents just waiting to happen.

I've compiled a few articles for you to check out that I feel really point out how safety lapses, even just human error, can really cause some life, and business, changing incidents.

There are plenty more where they came from too. Just jump on a search engine and type in 'safety lapses kill' and there are hundreds upon hundreds of articles reporting incidents and accidents, most eventually blamed on minor safety lapses.

This article posted on Croner-i details the tragic death of Anghel Milosavlevici, killed when an unsupported trench wall gave way. The hazard had already been identified but was never controlled.

Both the commercial director and a self-employed health and safety consultant faced jail-time.

A massive fire in a vegetable packing warehouse caused the deaths of several firefighters. Ian Reid died in hospital, on the 3rd of November, after doctors were unable to save him.

Ashley Stephens, John Averis and Darren Yates-Badley were pronounced missing until found dead days later. Three of the four deaths were thought to be caused by heat exhaustion and suffocation.

It was found that the Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Authority failed to properly supply the information needed to safely tackle the fire. As well as prosecuting Warwickshire council for failing to ensure the health and safety of its employees. Three fire service managers, Paul Simmons, Adrian Ashley and Timothy Woodward, were also charged.

To top it off I wanted to leave you with this one because everybody should know that scientists could potentially cause a global pandemic with the deadly diseases they're playing with. And I'm only half-joking.

The Guardian looks into the details of 100 safety lapses in laboratories across the UK. From live anthrax deliveries to foot and mouth blunders, there are some seriously shocking safety lapses here.

The International Association for Chemical Safety's free COSHH accreditation course

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