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The Shocking Truth About Safety Data Sheet And COSHH Mistakes

Updated: May 4, 2020

Safety Data Sheet and COSHH Mistakes

Hello again. Today I want to talk to you about the results of my recent survey of over 6,000 businesses. And how it proves that over 90% of companies in the UK are failing in at least one aspect of chemical safety. If you use chemicals of any kind in your workplace, and most businesses do, then you should read this carefully. You have probably heard of safety data sheets. You should have if your workplace uses hazardous chemicals.

Safety Data Sheets

You should see them quite often, in fact. They are, after all, a pretty important part of the whole process of ensuring the safety of your employees and workplace. You will be using them as a safety document. It should then be taken by your safety people so that they can create a chemical risk assessment or COSHH assessment. You may be thinking, "That's great, the law says all I need is a safety data sheet and a risk assessment. I'm good, yes?" Unfortunately, the answer is no. When it comes to the safety of your workplace, and more importantly, the people in it, this is by far the worst assumption you could make. You lead yourself into a false sense of security. When the inevitable accident happens, you're left in the firing line - quite literally.

Chemical Safety is paramount and COSHH Mistakes are often make unknowingly.

Safety is paramount and if you are making mistakes, even if you don't know it, then you may be seeking out the services of a therapist to help deal with the guilt of an accident happening on your watch.

Still think all of your chemical safety measures are correct and above board? Think again. This is where the results of my recent survey come in. As I said, I surveyed over 6,000 businesses in the UK. I also said that over 90% of those businesses failed in at least one aspect of chemical safety. The results told me that 22.5% of the companies who took part in the survey are blatantly breaching the COSHH Regulations in the UK. The worst part is that they have no idea that they are breaking the law and endangering their employees, their workplace and their own livelihoods. I understand that you could be a part of the 10%. The 10% that actually has it right. It's risky though. 10% is such a small percentage. Is it worth the risk? Do you really want to take that kind of chance?

Don't risk breaking the COSHH regulations. Free COSHH training at the International Association for Chemical Safety

Simply assuming that the chemical safety measures taken at your workplace are correct could prove potentially disastrous for you and your reputation. It happens all too often. Prosecutions due to chemical safety mistakes. Consider the Grenfell Tower tragedy in the UK just a few short months ago. A big list of safety mistakes resulted in a heavy loss of life. Why do people cut corners in the face of such harsh penalties? Do they even realise they are cutting corners and endangering people? Are you?

Would you know, if you were? If you're worried about making chemical safety or COSHH mistakes, you can take the new COSHH Risk Assessor Certification™.​​ I will ensure you know every part of the process inside out.

I will ensure that you make no mistakes when it comes to chemical safety.

The International Association for Chemical Safety Free Accreditation Course

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Jan 31

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